AEO Customs Brokers License No. 126/2559

B.B. Logistics (Thailand) today announced has been awarded the prestigious Authrized Economic Operator (AEO) certification by the Thaialnad Customs Department. 


AEO Customs Brokers No. 126/2559

AEO Certificate List No. 154 


B.B. Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd proundly provides to our customers a variety of services and privileges for our valuded customers.   


Customer Services and Privileges of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) 

1. Simplified and Faster Customs procedures covering Import, Export and Re-export;

2. Speedy and Faster process for tax/ duty refund and compensation; 

3. Facilitated and Simplified process for placing a guarantee on Transshipment and Transit;

4. Facilitatied process on legal cases under the conditions specified by the Customs Department;

5. Exports under the Mutual Recoginition Agreement so-called "MRA"

6. Other qualified privileges incentives as to be announced by the Director-General of Customs. 



AEO Privileges on Import/ Export/ Re-export/ Transit/ Transhipment/ Duty Drowback/ Legal Proceeding Customs Procedure [€ΕΤ‘ download]